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Tropical Pink

I love this tropical looking pink dress, and it was just perfect to go out in.  Before I left, I thought I’d snap a few pictures for you, though I spent longer on them than I intended.  I guess that’s what happens when you get a half naked woman all hot and horny.  I know you guys will get a little hot under the collar yourself when you look at these sexy pictures.  So take your hand out of your lap, put it on your mouse, and click on these little pictures I have up to tease you.  If you want to see what happens next, go to Anna Angel to see the rest of them.

Snow Bunny

I love playing in the snow, and I knew that my pure white body stocking and white boots would look great outside while it was snowing.  Check out these pictures of me making things very hot while it’s so cold outside.  I could make snowballs, but I have different games I want to play.  Maybe I can heat it up enough to melt all this cold snow away.  At least I’ll have fun trying.  If you’re a little chilly, you can go to Anna Angel to warm up a little.  I know that I’ll get the blood pumping and have you breathing hard in no time.  Circulation is the key to getting warm.

Smooth Criminal

Now see here, this is a stick up!  If you don’t drop your trousers right now, I’ll have to get really rough with you.  Fine, if you want to play dirty, have a look at these guns.  ha ha!

I love playing dress up, and this gangster outfit was just too cute to turn down.  It looks like something out of an old black and white movie, except, you know… less fabric.  We got totally wild with this shoot, and the cute costume didn’t stay on long.  I’m sure you don’t mind me being a little naughty.  My hands were everywhere, and I know you want to see that.  Head over to Anna Angel for the rest of them.

On The Lake

I love going out on the lake to picnic or just spend time outside.  The lake near where I live has amazing scenery and a very pretty bridge over the water.  Sometimes there are people out there, but today it was deserted.  Well, I think you can guess that I took advantage of the seclusion.  We started playing around on the bridge with some sexy poses, and before I knew it, I was naked down by the water.  It certainly turned a mundane afternoon of thought and quiet into something that was a lot of fun.  The really sexy pictures were put up on Anna Angel .  Go over there and see the whole gallery of my lakeside fun.


My photographer came over early and saw me in my gym clothes.  He thought they were so cute that we just rolled out my mat and did these new photos right there.  You can see me getting physical at Anna Angel if you like these photos as much as I do.

In The Park

I just love these photos of me getting naughty in the park.  I’m so glad no one caught us!  This sneak peek shows me lifting my top and flashing in public, but it’s just a tease.  If you want to see how far I’ll go, you can find the whole set on Anna Angel .